Bald Mountain Camps Resort is a perfect escape from your normal everyday routine....


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About Us

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The Philbrick Family is a second generation owner, carrying on a family tradition of providing you with the services that will make your stay a most pleasant and enjoyable one. Bald Mountain Camps started in the 1800's as a sporting camp. We carry on that tradition today adding modern conveniences.

We have 14 log cabins which can accommodate 2-8 people comfortably. The cabins are completely furnished. Each cabin offers a private porch, Rinnai heaters (primary source of heat), fireplace or wood stove, private bath, spacious living room, and individual bedrooms.

No matter if you stay with us in January or July, your stay at Bald Mountain Camps Resort will be an enjoyable and memorable one. We are proud to be a part of this great heritage and look forward to serving you as you enjoy your stay here at Bald Mountain Camps Resort, a truly historic landmark in the Rangeley Lakes Region.


I have never run into more hospitable people in any location I have ever visited. I have traveled all over the world and stayed at some of the best places there are, but nothing compares to the excellent time I enjoyed at your place. Sitting in a rocking chair on one of the many porches I found myself on was second to none as far as peace and tranquility. Even though I did not stay in a cabin (which I now think was a mistake) your restaurant facility was outstanding. The ambiance was terrific and the staff was always there. I ate in your restaurant three times over the weekend, which is something I never do. I like to explore food opportunities when I am visiting a new location, but felt if I did not eat in your restaurant I would be missing a great meal. What a great run facility with great people and great food. Thanks again for one of the best times that will give me excellent memories. - Guest from a recent wedding.


Outside fire at BMC